Thursday, 6 March 2014

February Favourites

    My first Favourites blog, these are some products I've been use for last month:
kose esprique concealer spf30+++ : I brought this more than a year, I think this concealer should be my best concealer ever. The package is super cute and tiny, and it got two colour shades, most of the time I mix them together to match with my skin tone, and it has a little tool, one side is brush and another side is like sponge. I love the formula of this concealer, so easy to cover the blemish or any dark spots on your face, use that small tool can totally replace your hands, you don't need to use your hands at all.

burberry warm glow no. 01 natural bronzer: I brought this quite long ago, but totally forgot this product since last month I restart to use it, and I absolutely love it. The colour is more like medium  tan colour, very natural on your face, and the texture is very fine and silky. You can use everyday to create the natural make-up look.

Etude House---- Precious Mineral Any Cushion Air  Natural Beige:  I talked about this in my previous blog (here) I am still use this one, totally fall in love with this cushion air foundation. Normally I apply in the morning and in the afternoon you can tell your skin is like you didn't use foundation but looks so healthy and glow.  Highly recommend!!!

Moroccan Oil Treatment  : finally finished this small bottle hair oil, have to use everytime after I wash my hair, really can tell the differences when I use this oil, great to damage or dry hair.

helena rubinstein lash queen feather collection 01 black : This is one of my favourite mascaras, very luxury package. This one can really hold your lashes in place and doesn't smudge, my eye lashes are very hard to make them curl, and this one really helps to hold your lashes, the brush is not like round shape but like oblate shape, so the flat side helps to easily apply your under eye lashes with out get on your skin.

givenchy prisme libre air sensation loose powder quarter 2 delicate beige:  this loose powder is very light-weighted, it has four different colour combination: three different beige shades and one light purple colour. this product is great to create natural daily look, if you are like me prefer the no make-up make up, and I think this one can helps to reduce the heaviness and create the air weight natural make-up look.

chanel rouge allure velvet 37 l'exubrante:  I love all chanel velvet collection, I love the velvet texture on the lips, I think is pretty sexy, and this colour I love even more, it's like pinky red shade,which I think is more girly than sexy, for everyday make-up I don't wear too much make-up on my eyes, but have to find a proper lip colour for my lips, I think your lips colour can really make your whole face stand out even you don't have full eye make-up on.


  1. Love the color of chanel lipstick! Have a happy weekend Jasmine!

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