Thursday, 27 February 2014

Spring outfit :A touch of Blue ×2

Top: Zara
Short: topshop
Shoes: ASOS
Necklace: ebay 
Ring: old

Top: Zara
Short: old (small brand from Bonds St. Topshop)
Shoes: ASOS


Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Spring Ankle Boots

I brought these two pairs of boots from ASOS, I've been looking my eyes on these kind of chunky boots for a while, I found the 20% off ASOS voucher online ( code: ANNIVERSARY20). I brought two pairs but I only decide to keep one pair, which are asos rampage leather ankle boots 
I like this simple look with stitched quilted details on the top , looks very edge and chic, I think prefect to match with either jeans or skirts. 
Another pair is After all learther cut out ankle boots, I like the shiny high gloss finish with three little gold studs, simple and chic. The only reason I choose the other pair is because that pair gives more chunky look, as well as add more height on me. Want to keep both of them, but really don't want to spoil myself too much :P

Have sunny day !


Monday, 24 February 2014

Evening Skin Care

These are some skincare products I've been use for recently. Evening skincare is more important to me, I pay more attention on skin cleaning, if I have make-up on, normally I use MAC cleanse off oil on my whole face, and for extra eye make-up I use Vitamin E gentle eye make-up remover  from Supergrug, my friend recommended the eye make-up remover, it's very inexpensive and they always have offer in store. The texture is quite light weight cream and the formula is very gentle, after the make-up remover I use Yes to Cucumber soothing natural glow facial towelettes to wipe my skin, this facial wipe is very smoothing like its name, I used to use Simple facial wipes which I think is quite harsh for the skin. I brought this Yes to cucumber in waitrose and now the price reduce from 4.99 to 2.49.   

 I always change my skincare products, because I love to try different products on me, but this CHANEL MOUSSE DOUCEUR Rinse-Off Foaming Mousse Cleanser Balance + Anti-Pollution is my second one and I also brought extra two for my mum and my boyfriend's mum. You can see how much I love this cleanser, this large tube can last for nearly a year, for the evening I like to use something foaming which I think can get rid of all the dirty things from my face, and it's anti-pollution which sounds more attractive to me, I really like the formula, it's foaming but in a light weight and don't have any strong scenes, my face feels very clean but not tight after I use this. Highly recommend!

Now move to the serum and cream, wait.....I forgot to put my toner in the pictures, very sorry. but the toner I use is the same one as my morning routine which is YSL Forever Youth Liberator Toner  (see blog).

For serum I use SkinCeuticals Phyto Corrective Serum at night, this serum is very good for sensitive or irritated skin, I like this serum but I don't think I will buy this again, I brought for 50 pounds on which I think is little bit pricey for this item, I almost finish this bottle, and I did feel smoothing after use it, but maybe I just want to little bit more than just smoothing. I really want to try their hydrating b5 gel after I finish this one. 
For eye cream I am keeping use this Murad Renewing eye cream as my morning routine here. Have to say that I am very happy with this eye cream. 

For face I am recently try to finish my SK-II whitening source derm-brightener cream which I brought tax free in the airport (in the picture it hidden behind my eye cream), it's very moisturised and creamy so I use only at night. 

The last product is very special, which is overnight vitalizing mask from a Korean skincare brand Sulwhasoo, after use all your skincare then you put on this mask on your whole face then you go to sleep. The main smell of this mask like ginseng, but is a nice way, very herbal and natural. It so easy to use, you don't need to wash it just use like a face cream, and this mask makes you skin look pump and energize on the next day.I
 love love this mask, ginseng a very traditional and  popular herbal in Korean, they drink ginseng tea and ginseng snacks, ginseng snack and etc.  

Hope you like it !

Have a Great day !


Thursday, 20 February 2014

Casual Day Look : Long Cardigan

long cardigan: Monki   scarf: American Vintage
leopard jumper: bcbg  jeans: j brand   bag: celine

Monday, 17 February 2014

Valentines Dinner in Le Pint de La Tour

2.14 We went the France restaurant neat Tower Bridge called Le Pint de La Tour. We had a great dinner there, although the weather that day is terrible, heavy rain and super windy, we all got wet and broken our umbrella. Anyway, I had a great time! Here are the pictures I took that day ><  

Happy Every Day!



Friday, 14 February 2014

Before Your Date:What I Use

So sweet that I got the Bobbi Brown make-up brush set from my boyfriends, and also a sweet card and the Valentine's day chocolate box from Godiva. Feel so loved~ 
Here are some products that I am using for today:
Apivita Express beauty with red wine mask, this mask is for instant lifting which is really helps to get rid of puffiness and stimulate blood circulation. 
Moroccan Oil Treatment :very famous and popular hair car brand, and it works very well on my hair. I definitely need to buy the bigger size~
Essie Grow Stronger nail base is my all time fav.  Have to use this every time before I polish my nails.
Rococo Nail Apparel ( here) : this is a red tone with little shimmer, very feminine colour.
YSL Mascara Volume Effect Faux Cils (40K600)
Lunasul Pink Gradation Eyeshadow: I am using this palette to create very natural with light shimmer
 eye look, cause he really doesn't like heavy make-up, it's Valentine's day,need to be the girl he likes the most :p
Nars New Order Blush: I love love this blush, it's pink with shimmerin it, the coulour is prefect for every skin tone I think, The colour is quite light and a little bit purple pink I haven't use this very often, but it's prefect to use when you going for a date, or night out. 
Revlon Wild Orchid: I choose this very sexy fuchsia pink to complete my look. 

Happy Valentine's Day

Spring Inspiration

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Ellis Faas Glazed Lips #307 Review

    I found this Ellis Faas make-up brand in Liberty, to those who don't familiar with this brand, Ellis Faas is a famous make-up artist from Amsterdam, and this brand launched in 2009 starting from 27 lipsticks, and now their collection expands to full line of foundations, eye-shadows, blush,mascara and etc.

    I only know this brand since I brought their Glazed Lips collection. All their products packaging are the same, like a silver pen, simple but very outstanding.They have so many gorgeous colours, different lipstick collections (creamy lips, milky lips, hot lips and glazed lips). They are just soooo cool!! if you are like me, have a thing on lip products, you should definitely go check this brand. This time I want to get a more wearable lip colour for everyday use, so I got the Glazed Lip (L307), which is sheer coral colour. I love this colour so much, it just so easy to put on, and very moisturised and pigmented. You can only dab very little amount to create natural light coral colour like a lip balm, or you can also get the fuller colour for the sheer deep coral lip colour.

Thank you for read my blog!