Friday, 14 February 2014

Before Your Date:What I Use

So sweet that I got the Bobbi Brown make-up brush set from my boyfriends, and also a sweet card and the Valentine's day chocolate box from Godiva. Feel so loved~ 
Here are some products that I am using for today:
Apivita Express beauty with red wine mask, this mask is for instant lifting which is really helps to get rid of puffiness and stimulate blood circulation. 
Moroccan Oil Treatment :very famous and popular hair car brand, and it works very well on my hair. I definitely need to buy the bigger size~
Essie Grow Stronger nail base is my all time fav.  Have to use this every time before I polish my nails.
Rococo Nail Apparel ( here) : this is a red tone with little shimmer, very feminine colour.
YSL Mascara Volume Effect Faux Cils (40K600)
Lunasul Pink Gradation Eyeshadow: I am using this palette to create very natural with light shimmer
 eye look, cause he really doesn't like heavy make-up, it's Valentine's day,need to be the girl he likes the most :p
Nars New Order Blush: I love love this blush, it's pink with shimmerin it, the coulour is prefect for every skin tone I think, The colour is quite light and a little bit purple pink I haven't use this very often, but it's prefect to use when you going for a date, or night out. 
Revlon Wild Orchid: I choose this very sexy fuchsia pink to complete my look. 

Happy Valentine's Day

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  1. great post, love your lip colour X