Saturday, 8 February 2014

Mini Beauty Haul ❤First Impression❤

Yesterday I went to Korean restaurant in Tottenham Court road, after a super yummy dinner, I went to Liberty for Diptyque Valentine Rosa Candle, finally I got this candle but obviously I got more things there :p
Liberty now is having a beauty lottery activity, spend 65 pounds in store and you can win a beauty lottery, I won the Aromatherapy Body Gel which is worth 31 pounds,  super happy with it! I used Aromatherapy products before, and I am very like this brand, all their formulas are very natural and fresh. And this body is for body firming, I have to say I love body firming products, I may write a blog of all the body firming products review. 

I also brought the Aesop Amazing Face Cleaner, I want to an extra face cleaner to put in our shower room. The sales said is one is really good for sensitive and tired skin, also good for blemish skin type,I tried on my hand, and it smells very amazing, very mandarin and lavender,after wash it won't feel dry but quite soft skin. Hope I will like this product till the end:)

I heard so many good things about Antipodes Manuka Honey Mask, finally I can try this organic honey mask. I brought this one on WholeFoods and now they have 25% off on skincare and makeup. The ingredients of this mask just can't irresistance, it contains manuka honey, pohutukawa, vanilla pod and mandarin. I will do another review after I use it.

Have a beautiful Saturday!


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  1. I've been wanting to try that manuka honey mask as well, it sounds so good X

    1. I think you can still have 25% off on this mask in WholeFoods~