Tuesday, 14 January 2014

♥Detox Whitening Facial Mask ♥

Today I would like to share one of my favourite facial mask-----♥Detox Whitening Facial Mask♥!!
This mask works great on me, and the recipe is super simple and easy to make, it's good for any type of skin. There are two main ingredients in this mask: Matcha Powder and Pearl Powder. 

 Matcha powder has so many benefits for your skin: antioxidant, calming, smooth your skin, anti-ageing and also minimize your pores. 
Pearl Powder is great to bright your skin, improve aging and wrinkles, if you have blemishes, the pearl powder can helps fight it very well. 

I use this mask when my skin have breakouts, you can use this mask 2-4 times a week. After this facial you really can feel you skin is very smooth and tight. 
How to Make :
1. you need find all these ingredients: a small container, one spoon, unsweetened almond milk (also you can use regular milk),matcha powder (you can buy from your local Asiansupermarket), pearl powder (I brought it from China, but I found that you also can buy this on ebay). 
2. Put one sugar-spoon of pearl powder and one sugar-spoon of matcha powder, mix with one sugar-spoon of almond milk, as the picture showing below. 
3. Mix them well and then you can use on your face for 10-15 mins then wash it, follow your daily skin care routine.  Left-over can keep in your fridge for next day use. 
Hope you like this mask recipe


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