Sunday, 19 January 2014

♥SUSHI Weekend♥

        Yesterday my boyfriend and I went to Wimbledon for house hunting, although we didn't find any property, instead we found a great sushi restaurant named *Sticknsushi*

        I love Japanese food , and we all had a great experience in here, some pictures about what we had yesterday. It's very nice sushi restaurant, their food are very fresh and yummy, very good service and the even better news is they also have another restaurant in Covent Garden sticksnsushi (seem from the website the one in Covent Garden looks smaller than Wimbledon one) I have to go to Covent Garden to try again.

 Matcha Tea
 I ordered Chai Latte (really nice if you also like Chai Latte)
 Softshell Crab Roll 
Tofu Nigiri 
 Nigiri Set

 From left: Vanila- Peanut- Green tea
Peanut is my favourite in these three♥ 

::what on me::
Coat: ACNE (brought three years ago)
Shirt: Jonathan Simkhai (see my blog)
Jeans: All Saints (petrel brodie jeans)
Shoes: Church's (few years ago)
Leopard Scarf: Louis Vuttion
Bag: Chanel

Hope you all had a great weekend!!

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